JeevesAds: Launching in India, 2020

JeevesAds international is a US-based Digital Indoor Advertising Company based out of Idaho, started in the year 2013. Starting with one location in Eastern Idaho in the year 2013, we are now running our operations in multiple cities in Idaho, coming up in other several states of US and gradually expanding our horizons to several countries like India, UAE, Finland, Canada and Vietnam along with others names to follow.

JeevesAds International started its operation with a vision to help small businesses and entrepreneurs with the advertising needs in their local community. Our mission is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs with the advertising needs in their local communities. Keeping the price to its minimum and providing the highest amount of impressions was one of the main objectives for us.

With Digital Indoor Advertising, we are providing the best media source to promote and brand your company to a very Captive audience in your community. We strive to connect your products and services with your local community using our most effective media at a fraction of the cost compared to other advertising platforms.

We have a proven marketing system where we have witnessed over 77% renewal of our clients for the last 7 years. Based on those numbers we are asking for your business and see how we can benefit each other where the economy has taken a real big hit because of the COVID19. JeevesAds can assure you this is the most affordable means of advertising, marketing, or branding your business while you are working to get your clients back.

We are launching in the Indian market as soon as the Indian advertising market has a huge potential for affordable and effective advertising. The Indian market has immense potential to serve the mid-level brands who are struggling to make their own mark in their local communities. Other advertising media are way too expensive for these small set-ups. Here, we come into the picture and help them to have an effective advertising option in their areas at a fraction of the cost as compared to any other advertising media. We plan to cover Tier B and Tier C along with Tier A cities. We cover all types of clients like small shop owners, restaurants, coffee shops, car care services, professional services, etc. and promote them through our Digital Indoor Advertising media. We hope to announce the phase 1 soon based on the COVID situation in the country. We need your love and support as always.