JeevesAds International: How it is different from other Advertising companies?

JeevesAds International started in the year 2013 in a small city of Idaho in the United States with one location and now has more than 15 locations in and around the state of Idaho. The whole concept came into existence in order to take the brand/business to the customers. JeevesAds reaches out to the local community through strategical planning of a brand campaign.

Customer’s attention span is very low; hence we need to reach out to such an advertising medium that hits the customers’ eye again and again. That’s what we do through our Digital Indoor Advertising in JeevesAds . The ads are played on a digital screen with carefully and aesthetically designed creatives or videos which hit the customers’ attention again and again and leaves an impression on their memory. Ads are played in a loop where it gets repeated after a span of two to four minutes and it keeps hitting the customer’s attention.

JeevesAds works for businesses of all sizes and smartly gets more traffic helping in acquiring more customers. This advertising increases the visibility of manifolds and gets qualified leads to your business. The company has grown a reputation for delivering tangible results and great customer service as well. We take pride in delivering top-quality results that support proven marketing techniques and dynamic knowledge of ethical advertising practices.

Unlike other traditional Digital Indoor Advertising companies, JeevesAds continually improve standards with an open-minded approach that can embrace change and drives passionately to achieve results. JeevesAds International is purposeful and trustworthy as it delivers what they promise. Our media is present to such locations in the community where your customers go and spend their free time. This Indoor digital advertising company has the potential to break through the clutter of outdated traditional forms of media. JeevesAds is all about innovation, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a business partner.

The digital Screens are strategically placed to achieve maximum visibility in as low of $1 a day . They provide a proven, affordable advertising medium to capture your target market, turning an idle time of your customers into a highly productive marketing tool.

    Why only JeevesAds?

  • Highly Professional JeevesAds has a highly experienced team of over 35 years of experience in totality in the field of media and advertising sales. We also have an experienced team of young and creative designers, art, and content to support the sales for any designing and content needs of our customers to put across and effective ad out there.

  • Affordable- Start your Ad for as low as $1 a day .

  • Easy and Effective- They provide an array of services to help you design your adverts with our team of experts.

  • A captive audience- They make dynamic efforts and use an effective medium to display the client messages to a captive audience.

  • Target your audience: Based on interests, hobbies, lifestyle, age and gender, and even geography, they work continuously towards providing the best solution for their clients.

  • Proven Results- Get more impressions towards your business.

Indoor Digital Advertising by JeevesAds creates brand awareness by putting the right message in front of the right people. Since Indoor Digital Advertising is so well managed and strategically placed that it cannot be turned off or “avoided”, thus, it’s a powerful medium for promoting your brand by consistently displaying a company’s message. We also offer total flexibility and you can run multiple messages on the same display, and change those messages frequently to ensure your ad is always relevant.