About Us

About Us

Welcome to JeevesAds International, a leading name in the world of Digital Indoor Advertising. Starting with one location in eastern Idaho in the year 2013, JeevesAds is now running its operations in multiple cities in Idaho, several states in US and gradually expanding its horizons to several countries like India, UAE, Finland, Canada and Vietnam along with others names to follow.

With Digital Indoor Advertising, we are providing the best media source to promote and brand your company to a very Captive audience in your community. We strive to connect your products and services with your local community using our most effective media at a fraction of the cost compared to other advertising platforms. We are here to work together as a team and we are here to build a long-term relationship.

Indoor Advertising Business Opportunity

We have a proven marketing system where we have witnessed over 77% renewal of our clients for the last 7 years. Based on those numbers we are asking for your business and see how we can benefit each other where the economy has taken a real big hit because of the COVID19. JeevesAds can assure you this is the most affordable means of advertising, marketing or branding your business while you are working to get your clients back. For a small charge let our team also help with your static and video ads. Call us today at (+1) 208 226 6024

Why Choose Us?

Diverse Locations

We are in over 13 cities and growing rapidly throughout United States, Canada and other parts of the world. JeevesAds International is Working Consistently to become a global leader in the world of Indoor Digital Advertising.

Expert Team Member

We are happy to share our experienced team members with over 15 years of cumulative experience.

Boost Sales

Your intriguing Ads will help you boost your Sales on a Daily Basis.

Cost Effective

Reserve your space today with JeevesAds International for as low as $1 a day!


Increase the exposure of your esteemed company with highest amount of impressions.

Customer Support

For You, With You - Always


Happy Clients


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