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JeevesAds is one of the most dynamic and effective ways you can promote your business, using indoor digital advertising to serve businesses in East Idaho and beyond!  For as little as $1 to $2 per day (based on your location), you can choose which screens you’d like to promote your business on to a captive audience. You have the flexibility to change your ads as often as you like at no additional charge. Imagine sharing your products or services with hundreds of people on a daily basis via video or static ads while they are dining in a restaurant, working out in the gym, or enjoying a few games in the bowling alley? Your ad plays every 6 minutes or less all day long.
JeevesAds has proven over the last five years that it provides an effective, affordable advertising option for local businesses in all the communities it serves! 

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JeevesAds are perfect for getting the word out on everything Pet Lodge related! The ability to change the ads as often as we need is amazing. It's great to be able to get our specials and upcoming activities and promotions on the big screen in such a dynamic way. It allows us to get more messages to the public than print media affords. We also appreciate being able to have different ads in rotation. This allows us to give some screen time to charitable organizations and events that may otherwise be under represented. JeevesAds are a fun and useful way to market our business!
Pocatello Pet Lodge
Stephanie Adams, Owner
As the owner of one Pocatello's oldest businesses, I heartily endorse JeevesAds. I have found them to be a highly effective tool in today's tough marketing landscape. The ability to customize, change and target with JeevesAds is an effective tool to reach any demographic. I have shifted budget from traditional mediums to JeevesAds, and the numbers indicate it was a good move. I like the ability to change ads quickly with a simple email.
Molinelli's Jewelers
Lance Buttars, Owner
I want to say thank you for your help over this last year with the advertising for us to help both the people and pets in our community! As a group we feel this has been a key tool of improvement bringing our cause out to our community.
Bannock Humane Society
Danie Lewis, President

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